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Oct 5, 2010

CWC 1992 gave Pakistan the belief, says Akram

Former Pakistan paceman and captain Wasim Akram believes the win in the ICC Cricket World Cup 1992 gave new belief to the sport in the country.

With the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 just six months away, Akram was reminded of that big night on 25 March 1992 when Pakistan came from behind to become world champions.

Akram remembers every moment of the tournament in 1992. But what is still fresh in his memory is the league match against New Zealand which kick started the dream run.
"I remember almost everything about ICC Cricket World Cup 1992. But the way we qualified tops my memories. We were up against New Zealand who had won eight of their games and were on a roll. They were a strong side. Before that game Imran gave a speech to the team. He wore a t-shirt with the picture of a tiger. He said go out and enjoy your cricket, play like cornered tigers. And we really did do what he said," recalled Akram.
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