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Sep 28, 2010

Shoaib Akhtar in ball tampering row  pointed out the  the ball tampering row , of Pakistani fast 
bowler Shoib Akthar during the recent Pakistan tour of England. 
Now that news line is in under suspend because of the picture they showed to
the media was rather differet . 

To all those who think English media is right, Do watch out this Picture....  

Watch carefully where is Akhter's hand in orignal pic & what they are showing in circle pic..?

Pointed by : Brashna Kasi


  1. Kameene ki aulad hain ye pakistani

  2. @Vimit : Can You put it in English...?

  3. @DK ... This is the meaning of what vmit said.. "Pakistanis are bastards" .. but why?

  4. oh. Gosh... there ain't wrong with Pakistani's ...
    Enlishmen use to destroy the home advantage in WC2011 in Asia ..
    we must be unite to strength
    do invite all ur friends to this and post this to ur page's wall saying all asians lets's unit

  5. bharway kay bachay tameez say gand say nhi akhen kholl kar dekh vimit


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