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Nov 24, 2010

Time to raise a Voice for Stumpy

With just 87 days to go for the start of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, it is time to raise a voice for Stumpy, the official mascot of the tournament.
A Voice for Stumpy campaign was launched in Sri Lanka on 22 November encouraging fans to be a part of the movement in the lead up to the showpiece event.
As the excitement builds, similar campaigns will be launched in India and Bangladesh as well.

The campaign is designed to help create a new lingo for Stumpy. Fans can be as imaginative and whacky as possible while giving a voice to Stumpy in a radio-led contest.

Fans can suggest how Stumpy's version of cricketing terms and cheers should sound like (e.g. "All the Best", "Congrats", "Howzzat", "Come On", "You Can Do it", "4 & 6", "Out" Go Sri Lanka Go.. etc)
At the end of everyday, the radio station would pick the best gibberish terms related to the given word (eg: top ten Stumpy word for Howzzat!) and help build a Stumpy vocabulary.
In Sri Lanka the contest is being run across all three major languages via select radio stations. During the promotion, on a daily basis, the Radio Jockey will reveal a particular cricket related term and encourage listeners to call in and voice that term as Stumpy would. Fans are also welcome to convert their ?Voice for Stumpy? into a cheer or song.

In addition to daily prizes, the winner of the grand prize will walk away with a pair of tickets to a quarter-final game of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

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