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Jun 4, 2011

Kumar Sangakkara on this week's ICC Cricket World Radio Show

On this week's ICC Cricket World Radio Show, Sri Lanka's Kumar Sangakkara talks exclusively ahead of the start of tomorrow's second Test match between Sri Lanka and England and also discusses his partnership with the International Cricket Council's Think Wise campaign while Dr. Peter Harcourt, the chair of the ICC Medical Committee, explains to listeners the role and importance of the committee.

Sangakkara, who has played in 95 Test matches to date for Sri Lanka says about the Cardiff loss and looking ahead to Lord's tomorrow: "Disappointing is an understatement about Cardiff in regards to our batting. We were horrendous. We know it and have accepted that. No one tries to have a performance like that. We have to take responsibility for that, I think Cardiff was a tough lesson for us and an important one for us as a team.

"We have a different bowling attack than England, we don't have the same height. It is a bit of guile, swing, seam and we bowl to our plans. We have a lot of ability and a lot of variation. How best to use that is something we will try to answer in the next five days."

The 33-year-old also talks about his work with ICC Think Wise partnership and why cricketers should be involved in the initiative to remove the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS.

"Its very important because cricketers are held in high esteem, highly visible public figures. With majority of AIDS affected people living in cricket playing countries, our roles become that much more important. Also the fact that we support people with HIV and AIDS, so that they can lead a fruitful life so that they can access good life. More and more cricketers should be associated with it. Not just one or two cricketers but having teams take on this responsibility, that is going to be the best way forward that will strengthen the role played by ICC," says Sangakkara. 


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